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Why Gateway?

At Gateway Academy, we understand that each student is unique, each  with different dreams, aspirations and learning styles. With our 25 years of success helping students discover and attend their dream colleges, our tailored programs are perfect for all types of students. Our experienced instructors and staff are committed to helping students reach their full potential, building confidence and finding their passion in life. 

Learning and preparing for college should be an enjoyable experience, and that is why Gateway Academy creates a positive and supportive atmosphere, making the journey to college an easy and great learning experience. 

Whether you are in need of academic improvement, guidance, mentoring, or simply in need of a new community, Gateway Academy is the perfect place for support! We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

Get in Touch

Meet our amazing team at Gateway Academy!

Brian Yang
Academy Director
My name is Brian Yang, and I am the Director at Gateway Academy with 16 years of experience working with students applying to colleges all over the world. As an academic counselor, my mission is to provide personalized guidance and support to each unique student.

I am passionate about helping students discover their dreams, college goals and reach their full potentials. Whether exploring academic and career paths, improving study habits, or dealing with personal challenges, I am committed to helping students develop the skills they need to succeed.

Over the years, I have sent numerous students to colleges of all types, from Ivy’s, UC’s, and universities in all sorts of countries. I know exactly what students at this stage in life are going through and know exactly how to get through each and every journey. I will personally build relationships with my students and always have the students' best interests in mind. 

I look forward to meeting you at Gateway Academy!
Judy Huh
Academy Director
Judy Huh has spent over 20 years involved in college consulting, student mentoring, and developing deep personal relationships with parents concerned with their students' education. She has invaluable insight into how students can best manage the stresses of a rigorous academic schedule, high academic standards and expectations, and has successfully sent numerous students to their dream colleges. 

As a mother of two beautiful daughters going through their own academic journeys, she understands both the students’ and parents’ perspectives when it comes to academics and college admissions. She is passionate about continuing to learn about the ever changing academic world, and genuinely cares for each family at Gateway as if they were her own.
Michael Kim
College Consultant
Raised in Southern California, Michael Kim graduated from UCLA with a B.A. History. Michael also holds a single subject credential in History, qualifying him to teach middle/high school seniors and has a deep passion for History and English subjects. He is patient, relational and has a knack for bringing out passion in students.

In the last 10 years, Michael has worked with high school students to help them achieve their college admissions dreams. Michael has sent his most notable students to Ivy League schools, and other top Private and Public universities throughout the US and abroad. Through his career, Michael has developed an expertise in curriculum development, and the entire college admissions processes.
“Statistics show that a college education improves an individual’s earning ability and standard of living. At Gateway Academy, we believe that all children have the ability to learn and excel academically through proper guidance and counseling. We also believe that education is a foundational basis for bringing about improvement in an individual’s life. The teachers and staff at Gateway strive to improve the lives and welfare of its students by promoting confidence through academic achievements.” - Soo Yoo