We'll find a school perfect for you


Our talented and experienced academic counselors break down the daunting college application process into easily manageable assignments helping students avoid any pressure they may encounter. Our counselors advise students on school selection, essay writing, application processes, and financial aid advice.

Since 2002, Gateway has enjoyed the privilege of sending its students to elite universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Amherst, Johns Hopkins and Northwestern University.

For parents seeking professional advice, our staff is knowledgeable on all public and private universities, both within and outside the United States. Whatever your higher education goals are, Gateway Academy will find the right college for you!



We will guide you through the entire UC application, providing solutions to all your unique questions. We will also guide you through several drafts of both UC essays, ensuring that your final draft eloquently presents your finest qualities and achievements.

Early Action/Decision Schools

We help put you through an intensive college search to explore the schools you are most interested in. We also create a personalized timeline for all your school deadlines and requirements.

Private/Out of State Schools

We will assist you in finding the right school, program, campus size, and location to meet the needs and desires of your parents and yourself.

BA/MD Applications

Gateway also helps find schools for highly talented and ambitious students interested in accelerated and direct admissions into medical, dental, and/or pharmacy programs.

International Students

Applying to college is simplified with the help of our experienced instructors who will guide you through all the complications related to international applications, as well as individual circumstances.


Initial Consultation

Review your survey, background, and goals.
Answer any questions you have about the process
Review early decision options.
Brainstorm possible essay topics given your personality traits, experiences, and accomplishments.

Group Workshop

Answer any personal thoughts on the program.
Discuss your college preferences.
Create a timeline for completing your applications in line with the schools’ application deadlines.

Follow Up Consultation

Based on the information you provide in your first consultation, your consultant will refine a college list that is right for you.
Your consultant will help you create a timeline for completing your applications in line with the schools’ application deadlines

Critique First Draft

Brainstorm essay topics.
Develop outlines for your essays.
Critique the content, style, and organization of your essays.
Strengthen your essays for subsequent drafts.

Essay Review: Subsequent Drafts

Brainstorm more essay topics.
Develop more outlines for your each of your drafts
Finalize your essays.